The first session

I was munching on some potatoes, which my English friends told me were the best english food there was. Disgusting, I thought. England needs a lot of work in the eating category. I didn’t finish it. I hopped onto my bike, and pedalled off to the direction of our ground.

I arrived at the training ground half an hour before our session started, to start planning with my crew.

Robbie Elliott, our fitness coach, suggested to be intensive and push hard on them.
I didn’t want to do that, as they probably wouldn’t give much effort.

Alan had a lot of experience with the lads, and he suggested to slowly push them harder. I wasn’t so keen with that.

After a long debated session, I went with my own idea. Training would be split into 4 groups, Goalies, defenders, midfielders, and strikers. I would coach the midfielders personally, and sometimes drop in to have a look at the rest.

Once the players started arriving, I began my plans, and we had a 2 hour long session that went quite well, with the exception of one or two goof-ups.

At the end of the session, I gave one last speech.

“Guys, we’re going to be in this team together, in and out. Our goal is to get up to the Premier League this season. Who’s with me?”

Roars followed.

I gave them a challenge for the season.

I flicked the ball up, launched it from the halfway line, and with precise accuracy, flukingly managed to tap the human dummy’s head and into the goal. I struggled badly to hide my surprise.
“We’ll do that after every session. If any of you manage to do that this season, well, then I’ll eat these lumpy things,” I said, pointing at the potato remains I had spotted Alan eating.

The rest of the team sniggered. “See you tomorrow, gaffer!” shouted one.

It’s good to be in charge, but better if you get respect.


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